TwinGo Carrier Accessory ~ Infant Insert pair
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TwinGo Carrier Accessory ~ Infant Insert pair

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  • Manufacturer: TwinGo LLC
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TwinGo Carrier Infant Insert is designed to use in the TwinGo Carrier for babies with a minimum weight of 3.2kg until they fit into the carrier without the need for the insert at a minimum weight of 4.5kg.

  • New! The TwinGo Infant Insert is an innovative seat-like piece to support healthy hip and spine positioning in the front carry position. For added neck and head support, either roll the Sleep Hood and use extension straps to support the baby's head or use the TwinGo Panel Extender.
  • When to use: Use the Infant Insert to support newborns starting at 3.2 kg and up to the developmental stage when your baby's legs can naturally spread to straddle the panel of the TwinGo Carrier.
  • How to use: The Infant Insert attaches directly to the waist belt of the TwinGo Carrier before placing your baby in the carrier.
  • There is no added bulk so this design allows your hands to be in direct contact with your baby at all times during the loading and unloading process. The minimalistic sleek design does not affect adequate airflow in the carrier so your baby will not overheat.
  • 100% black cotton fabric, Machine washable/ Line dry
  • Available singly or in a pair.
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